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Some facts about Canadian fisheries



As you know, I’m a passionate angler and has been so ever since I was a kid. My parents were into angling, as well, although my mother kind of found it hard to understand my dad’s passion, especially when he got into the hobby. At the beginning of his learning curve, she couldn’t understand what the fuss was about the whole idea of fishing and why he would scatter bait and artificial lures all over the place. He wasn’t particularly organized, and I’m afraid I take after him, to some degree.

I recently came across several stats that were jaw-dropping to me. For instance, did you know that Canada exports seafood and fish worth over 6 billion dollars? That was the figure back in 2015, but I have no idea how much money the Canadian government makes these days thanks to such exports. Now, I have nothing against the whole idea, but I believe that there has to be some balance to everything in life.

Is it a good idea for so many species to be targeted just to make some money off of them? I don’t think so. Of course, if this is farmed fish we’re talking about, the situation is entirely different. I know that farmed fish is less preferred by fitness aficionados and health freaks, but let’s get real. It’s a sustainable way of feeding the world population and has to be done, so that wild species get to live in their natural environment for as long as possible. If fishing for wild salmon, for instance, gets out of hand, in less than a decade, we’ll come to the nasty conclusion that it’s an endangered species.

For example, something that I found out by checking out the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website is that the country exports farmed Atlantic salmon. That’s good! However, exports of lobster and shrimp are less so, at least in my opinion.

Globally, it is said that aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food-related industries, and that shouldn’t be a surprise. There are people who have given up on eating red meat, poultry, and pork, but who live a healthy life based on protein sources consisting of dairy, eggs, and fish. Plus, fish is way healthier compared to other sources of protein, as long as it comes from a known source where it has not been exposed to dangerous chemicals or metals, of course.

In some respects, trying to farm marine species might be a good idea as this way, the chances of them being exposed to the formerly mentioned substances are slim.

All in all, I believe that the fishing industry is likely to grow in the following years. I’m hopeful that this way, we’ll be able to preserve the species we now have in wild waters.



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