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How to buy cheap fishing gear



Since I’ve started fishing in Canada I’ve discovered that gear can be expensive. While I don’t mind spending my money on quality products, I don’t want to overpay. Sometimes I felt like I was doing just that when I was buying my gear so I decide to do a little research to see if I could save some money. What I found was that you could buy cheap fishing gear without sacrificing quality. If you love fishing but hate spending a lot of money on your gear, you will want to keep reading this post. Here’s how to buy cheap fishing gear that will still last for seasons.





Compare prices

Before you start spending your money compare prices at the different sporting goods stores around town. While stores are often pretty close in price, there are times when there can be a significant difference. Some store managers will even meet or beat their competitor’s lower price if you aren’t afraid to ask. This is especially true on items that are priced above $50.



Red tags

Every savvy shopper knows what a red tag means. When you see that bright red color you know that it is one sale. Sporting goods stores and tackle shops often use these tags to denote their clearance items, and trust me it is always worth it to stop and take a look. Even if it is just lures, leaders and hooks on sale it is always advisable to pick up a few extras. Not only will you use them eventually, who knows if they’ll still be on sale when you finally need them.



Shop online

While you can’t try the gear out when you buy it online, you can find some really great deals. I’ve saved a ton of money just buying what I need from the online retailers. In most cases they also cover shipping and handling fees so I don’t have to worry about that raising the price. I do want to mention that you should be careful when you buy your fishing gear online. You will want to make sure that you are buying from a reputable dealer or the actual manufacturer so you don’t end up with a cheap knockoff. There really will be a difference in quality that you’ll be able to feel on the first cast.



Be patient

Sometimes all you have to do is wait a little bit until the gear goes on sale to get a great deal. I have learned that during the spring the prices on almost everything are significantly lower. I’ve even found the latest rod and reel models on sale in the spring. It really will be worth it if you can wait until then to start purchasing your gear. If you can’t wait, it is still the best time to stock up on your gear.


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