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3 amazing RV routes in Canada


As you know, I come from a family of Romanian immigrants, so it was only natural for me to start discovering Canada as best as possible. While my job isn’t particularly flexible, I try to make as much time for going on trips either by myself or with a couple of buddies. This summer, I plan on renting a motorhome to go to some of the most amazing RV locations in Canada. I thought I would share them with you; maybe you might be interested in doing the same thing.



Southern Saskatchewan Discovery Loop

While the vast majority of folks tend to think that the flatlands are downright boring, I wouldn’t say the same about them. Whether you’re focused on seeing the sights or would like to taste a bit of the local cuisine, go to a bar or cafe, or just look at miles of wheat and barley, this region really has it all.

The neat thing about the Loop is that it’s 1,659 kilometers of driving, which means that you’ll spend enough time behind the steering wheel and take loads of breaks to visit more than enough places. I enjoy going on vacation and forgetting all about a fast pace. If you’d like to find out more about this route, you should check out what this guy has to say about it. I found it incredibly useful to read about his tips and tricks, and he was very helpful mostly because he also included a DIY route that he created by himself.


Going from St John’s to Central Newfoundland

Nothing beats Canadian cuisine when it comes to catching and eating fish. I love cod myself, so why not have a chance at trying out some local specialties? The trip is slightly shorter compared to the Southern Saskatchewan Discovery loop as you’ll have to drive for 1,401 kilometers. It’s not like that’s a lot less, but if you add it all up, it still matters a great deal.

Obviously, the areas scattered throughout this route are perfect for foodies like me. I’ve heard there’s a dish called Cod Tongues and I’m looking forward to trying it despite the fact that some of my friends have told me that it’s horrible. Who cares? You only have one life, and you should try as many things as possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up being old and sad because you haven’t gone there, kissed that girl, made the wrong choice, or whatever other reason for regrets you might have.



The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

This trail is for those people who hate driving for a lot of time. I find it hard to understand how you can set out for a trip with your motorhome and end up driving for only three hundred kilometers. If you take loads of breaks, however, it will certainly be enjoyable.

The region is scattered with panoramic views, wildlife, and all sorts of traditional fishing towns. I believe that it would be a good idea to spend up to a week on this route. I hope that this post helped you some way or the other.


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